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Keylong to Padam over Bara Lacha La
Keylong - Padum over Bara Lacha La
Takeover Point: Manali / Delhi
22- 25 Days
Season: May to October

Maximum Elevation: 5435 m
Grade :

Standard Trekking Plan

Day 1: Takeover from AIRPORT - Most international flights lands in night- we provide takeover from airport and shift to hotel. Take rest. If you are coming from DOMESTIC FLIGHT- you can reach CHANDIGARH same day.

Day 2: Reaching CHANDIGARH - In moderate traffic of DELHI- it can take 5-6 hrs in reaching CHANDIGARH. Chandigarh is modern and planned city of INDIA. Do have a visit in evening at internationaly famous ROCK GARDEN,ROSE GARDEN and SUKHNA LAKE.

Day 3: Reaching MANALI- We start travel after breakfast and very soon we find ourselves in VALLE OF GODS- this is famous KULLU VALLEY.

Day 4: Rest Day - We suggest you to take local walking in mountain as this willhelp you in getting acclimitized to mountain air.

Day 5: Traveling to KEYLONG

Day 6: Keylong-Darcha, 28 kms .
Darcha is the last inhabited village of Lahaul on this route. It serves as base camp for hiking, trekking and mountaineering expeditions. Campsite is available on the left bank of Barsi river. Mules/pack animals can be arranged at this place. Lot of bargaining.

Day 7: Darcha-Patseo, 14 kms
Trek along Manali- Leh highway. Scenery becomes desotaete. PWD rest house at Patseo.

Day 8: Patseo-Zingzingbar, 12 kms One may follow the road or take short cuts. The sceneary resembles monoscape.

Day 9: Raoli-Purthi, 15 kms
Upto Shaur the road is metalled. From there follow the unmetalled road on the right bank upto Purthi. Forest rest house is available there. The trek becomes greener from Udaipur onwards. Good patches of conifer forests and alpine meadows can be seen on way.

Day 10: Purthi-Cherri/Sach Khas, 16 kms
Just for a km or so follow the right bank of the river till you reach the bridge across Chenab or Chandrabhaga. Now onwards the track is along the left bank. Just short of Sach Khas there is a bridge across the river. If you plan to stay in the rest house at Cherri, cross it to reach the right bank. Otherwise continue journey.

Day 11 : ZingZingbar (4150m)-Kinlung Sarai (4460m), 16 kms
Follow the highway to cross Baralacha La. Baralacha La is a double pass to the east and south. The lower pass at 4891 m in twice as high as the highest mountain in Australia and more than Mont Blanc--the highest mountain in Europe. Just below 16000 feet is a blue water tarn, the Suraj Taal. From top follow the left bank of the Yunam river. Lingo Plain starts from Kinlung. Kinlung offers good campsite with pastures and a brook.

Day 12: Kinlung Sarai-Debni, 16kms
At Kinlung leave the bridge on the fight. Continue along the right bank of Lingti Chhu. The route continues over the plain into the valley, then gradually uphill towards the Phirtse La. The valley is sandy. After fording some side streams and up and down walking you reach Debni. Choose campsite on the basis of available water.

Day 13: Debni-Chhumik Marpo, 18 kms
Cross four canyons and ford the river. After the plateau the valley narrows and the track is along mountainside. Cross Kamirup and Trukker rivers to camp foot of the pass.

Day 14: Chhumik Marpo-Western slope camp, 18 kms
It is difficult to find the trail. Once in the grassy patch, will locate it without mistake. Fine walk over Phirtse-La, 5435 m Climb down is steep. At the end of the slope, continue on the path that leads to the river. Go over to the left bank and camp in the wide open area some 50 m above the river.

Day 15: Camp-Tanze, 16 kms
The path leads away from this river. The gorges make going difficult for animals. Another minor pass is crossed to reach the first inhabited village in the Zangskar valley since Darcha. Also refer Keylong to Padum Over Shinkun La..

Day 16: Kargyak-Teta, 16 kms
Follow the right bank for 2 hrs to reach table. Another half hour's walk brings you to a small village Tanze. A short distance from Tanze, cross the bridge to follow the left bank. Before village Karu, once again there is some climb but beyond Karu an excellent path gently leads to the beautiful village of Teta. Teta was the seat of Teta Thakur during the reign of Zangskar king. There is a ruin of a fort believed to be of the king of Zangskar.

Day 17: Teta-Purne, 9 kms
Follow the left bank. Pass village Jal followed by steep descent towards a bridge which you cross to reach Purne. Leave horses in Purne and climb into the splendid gorges of Tsarap river. About 2 hrs. trekking brings you to a ledge which leads to the small plateau on which the famous Phulktul monastery is built. This gompa is "like a honey comb, cut into a rock under a giant grotto..." The gompa was founded by Gangsam Sherap. In the caves over the monastery there is a water hole Whose water level never changes. This gurgling Spring is out of bounds to women. You may also see the stone tablet left by the Hungarian historian Alexander Cosma de Koros who stayed at the gompa over the winter of t825-1826. The gompa belongs to the Gelukpas, the yellow hats.

Day 18: Purne-Ichar, 16 kms
From Purne go back down, cross the bridge and follow the left bank. The trail over hangs Tsarap and is hard going. Leave behind the villages of Cha, Kaydang, Hamuni and Surle. Then cross a big bridge to reach Ichar. Way to Ichar is difficult for trekkers and horses. Good campsite.

Day 19: Ichar-Mune, 18 kms
Gradually climb to a major tributary. Descent down to Reru. From Reru the trail becomes rich in flowers upto Mune. Camp opposite Mune gompa. One trek from this village leads to Pangi valley in Chamba.

Day 20: Mune-Padum, 14 kms
From the gompa climb down a steep incline to the main track. Two hrs. trek brings you to Bardan gompa a kagyud-pa gompa famous for its 180 cm high mani prayer wheel. From this place a dusty motorable road leads to Padum (3650 m) Bardan gompa was founded by Shabdru, who also founded Hemis gompa in Ladakh and later went to Bhutan. Padum is the administrative headquarters of Zangskar. Palace of the king of Zangskar is in ruins destroyed by the Dogras.

Day 21: Reaching LEH

Day 22: Fly out from LEH to DELHI

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